The transportation of project cargoes requires detailed planning to ensure that the movement of cargo from point of manufacture to point of use.

At Henry Abram and Sons, we pride ourselves on a detailed and experienced approach to the management of our client’s projects.

We regularly act as a single point of contact for a turnkey project with responsibility typically resting with us for the full range of services and clearances required to move a complex item of cargo. This would normally include:

  • Pre planning meetings, Marine Warranty liaison, site visits and progress reporting.
  • Collection of cargo from manufacturers build hall.
  • Delivery to nearest suitable port including procurement of permits, removal/reinstatement of street furniture and design of any required transport beams and saddles.
  • Liaison with port authority on quayside allowable crane loadings, cargo delivery and storage, tide levels, vessel mooring and arrival procedures, costs and stevedoring.
  • Vessel selection, chartering, owner liaison, deck strength, stability assessments, ballasting plans and cargo securing design and implementation.
  • Delivery port and road transport to point of installation.
  • Site review, crane arrangements, lifting and installing of cargo and handover documentation.

Throughout this process our Project Manager and/or designated engineer would attend to oversee and supervise all stages on our client’s behalf.

  • Port Feasibility Studies

  • Inland Waterway Navigation

  • Road Haulage

  • Skidding, Lifting and Turning

  • Load out and in services